Oil immersed transformer winding

Oil immersed transformer top temperature is prohibited to exceed 95 ° C, generally prohibited to exceed 85 ° C, the general transformer winding selection of class A insulation layer material, the maximum allowable temperature of insulation material is 95~105 ° C, in China's transformer heating specifications are based on the working temperature of 40 ° C as the standard, winding of the average temperature of gas included in 65 ° C, The temperature rise of the top oil to the gas is accurately positioned at 55 ° C, so the winding containing the transformer core is included in the temperature rise of the oil at 10 ° C.


If the top temperature of the transformer is 85 ° C, the winding temperature is 95 ° C; If the top temperature is 95 ° C, the winding temperature has reached 105 ° C, which has reached the maximum allowable temperature of the winding insulation layer material. Too high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulating layer materials, accelerate transformer oil deterioration, harm the service life of distribution transformers, and even lead to safety accidents.

Strong oil circulation system air-cooled transformer, top temperature 75℃ warming 35℃; Oil natural circulation system, overtemperature protection, air-cooled transformer, the top temperature is generally not suitable for often exceed 85 ° C, the high can not exceed 95 ° C heating can not exceed 55 ° C, if found in the operation of a limit value exceeds the requirements, should immediately report production scheduling, the use of load limit countermeasures.

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