The difference between isolation transformer and ordinary transformer

1, the main task of the transformer is different: the main task of the ordinary transformer is to change the voltage, which is divided into step-down transformers and step-up transformers, and the number of turns of the original secondary side coil is not equal. Isolation transformer is not the main task of ordinary transformers, and some transformers are not isolated, such as autotransformers are typical.

2, the definition is different: the isolation transformer means that the primary and secondary coils are separated on the DC circuit. Ordinary transformer refers to the transformer used for machine tools and equipment control lines, which generally changes high voltage into low voltage.

3, the usage is different: the isolation transformer is mainly to isolate the power supply and the load, so that there is no direct electrical connection on both sides. Generally used in low-voltage instruments and experiments. Ordinary transformers are controlled within a required range of use according to the voltage and current required by electrical equipment.

4. The N line of the isolation transformer can be grounded.


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