Does the oil immersed transformer need to be changed?

The oil-immersed transformer is operated with transformer oil, and only the transformer oil conforms to the operation of the oil-immersed transformer will promote the operation of the oil-immersed transformer to be safer and the efficiency will be increasingly improved. Oil-immersed transformers to strengthen a variety of oil change tasks, oil-immersed transformers do not often change the oil, but also to ensure that two to three times a month, so that the transformer oil will be more fresh. In addition, it is also necessary to carry out continuous inspection, what are the main contents of the actual inspection?


In general, whether to change the oil of the oil-immersed transformer must be regularly maintained:

1. Check the temperature

Under normal circumstances, due to the operation of the transformer to promote the transformer temperature inevitably rise, however, there will be a certain range, can not exceed 85 degrees, when the temperature is too high to see if the transformer is too loaded, if it is to reduce the load flow, the room needs to strengthen natural ventilation and heat removal.

2. Check the oil

The key is to see whether there is residue and precipitation in the transformer oil, which causes the transformer oil quantity to deteriorate and endangers the actual effect of its use. In order to better ensure that the transformer oil fully plays its key role, I suggest that we can carry out periodic inspections on the three levels of transformer oil volume, temperature and oil products, and once the problem is found, it will be resolved purposefully.

3. Check the amount of oil

The key reflects the remaining oil of the transformer, the amount of transformer oil should not be too low, once the remaining oil is too small, it is inevitable to reduce the characteristics of all levels, and the overall loss of the transformer will rise, which has a very large adverse harm to the transformer.

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