How to regulate the operation of Three-phase pad-mounted transformer?

The THREE-PHASE PAD-MOUNTED TRANSFORMER has a primary and secondary coil, which is charged on the secondary side through the magnetic circuit, and is not directly connected with the central point grounding system on the primary power side, so it has good ground isolation electrical performance.

When the electrical equipment housing leakage, no matter which end of the secondary coil to the electrical housing path, will not cause personal shock. The transformer primary and secondary are equipped with fuse insurance, the transformer core and metal shell are reliably connected to the ground, play a shielding role, with anti-interference performance, used as a safe power supply for instruments and electric hand tools is very reliable.
The voltage of the transformer can be selected according to needs, and the general specifications are single-phase 220/220V, 220/36V, 380/220V. Three-phase 380/380V, 380/220V, 380/36V. In use, special attention should be paid to the total capacity of the electrical appliance is less than the capacity of the safety isolation transformer. Safety isolation transformers currently produced have a capacity of 0.1-15KVA. When connecting the three-eye safety socket in rural families, the grounding end of the electrical socket should be connected to the zero line of the three-phase four-wire system to achieve the purpose of protecting the zero connection. It can be used to protect household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators and so on. Because these household appliances work in a humid environment, their metal shells are prone to leakage. However, the application of this method requires the grounding end of the socket to be directly connected to the zero line before entering the house.

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