Dry type Transformer

ZGS11-Z.G Combined Transformer for Photovoltaic Power Generation

Production Information
Photovoltaic power is a clean, renewable energy source which has gained rapid development both at home and abroad.To meet the increasing demand for the photovoltaic power generation, the ZGS11-Z.G Series Combined Transformer for Photovoltaic Power Generation was independently designed by our company on the basis of 10kV and 35kV combined transformers after years of exploration and summary as well as absorption of advanced technologies from home and abroad in light with the special requirements for the transformers of the photovoltaic power generation. In this product, the transformer, load switches and high-voltage fuse are installed in the transformer cabinet. The insulating liquid of the transformer is used as the insulation and radiating media as the whole product. The product employs a fully sealed structure, the main body of the transformer is made of medium and heavy steel plates, its case is made of galvanized
plates or stainless steel plates after being treated with acid cleaning, phosphating then coated with the primer, intermediate and finish paint to make the anti-corrosion, leakage resistance and UV resistance of the surface all exceed the product with regular paintings. It enjoys the advantages of small size, light weight and easy installation, etc.

Main Features of the Product
1.Compact structure, small size, less land usage as little as 1/3 of the European box type transformer with the same capacity.
2.Low loss and noise, high resistance to sudden short circuit;
3.Full insulation and fully sealed structure, free of maintenance, safe and reliable in running;
4.Convenient and flexible transfer switching operations;
5.Fully protected, full range of fuse protection for high voltage;
6.The box was treated with special processes and materials, good anti-corrosive capacity, able to effectively prevent the
damage of wind-blown sand;
7.Box layouts are classified into “L” shaped and “shelf” shaped.
◆ 10kV Class Combined Transformer
Series connected with high-voltage backup current-limiting protection fuse and pluggable over-load protection fuse, the transformer receives full range of protection. High-voltage backup current-limiting protection fuse is used as the short-circuit protection for the transformer, while the pluggable over-load protection fuse is used as overload, minor fault short-circuit current protection for American power transformers.
◆ 35kV Class Combined Transformer
A novel full range of protective high voltage current limiting fuse is employed, which is able to effectively cut the current which can result in the melting of the fused mass or cut any fault current which is not in compliance with the rated current. It uses the relatively high breaking capacity of the current limiting fuse, whereas non-current-limiting fuse has better protective features for low current, different features of the two types of fuses are combined to achieve features with full range and good cut-off capacity.

Environmental Conditions for Usage
1.Altitude shall not exceed 300 meters;
2.Environmental temperature range:-40°C~+45°;
3.Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed: 30m/s;
4.Relative humidity: daily average value no higher than 95%, monthly average value no higher than 90%.
5.Location of Installation: Installed in places free of fire, explosives, heavy pollution, chemical erosion or violent shaking.
6.The waveform of the power supply voltage is similar to sine wave, voltage of the three phase power supply is similar to symmetric;
*When environmental conditions exceed beyond normal values, users may consult with the factory for resolutions.

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