Compact substations

35kv Combined wind transformer

The wind power combined transformer is a specialized power equipment that integrates step-up transformers, high-voltage current limiting fuses, load switches, low-voltage switchgear, and corresponding auxiliary equipment. The YBM (P) 35F/0.69kV high-voltage/low-voltage pre installed substation series products are products designed and developed by our company specifically for wind power generation. They raise the 0.69kV power bed emitted by wind turbines to 35kV and then output electricity upwards through 35kV cable lines. It is an ideal supporting equipment for wind power generation systems. The new prefabricated substation has the advantages of strong completeness, easy installation, short construction period, low operating cost, high structural strength, and strong anti-corrosion performance. It is fully suitable for operating environments such as beaches, grasslands, and deserts with relatively harsh natural conditions, and its performance fully meets the requirements of wind farm use.


The first and secondary equipment is pre-installed in a movable, fully closed, temperature controlled, anticorrosive, moisture-proof and rust-proof box, which only needs to be installed on the cement foundation when it arrives at the site. With less investment, construction period is short, covers less area, easy to coordinate with the environment and so on.

Scope of application

It is suitable for small unattended substations with voltage of 35KV and below and main transformer capacity of 5000KVA and below. It is widely used in urban industrial substations, 10KV ring network system, 35KV substation of rural power network and other occasions.

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