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Resin Insulated Dry-type Power Transformers

Dry type transformer industry is widely used, mainly used in thermal power, hydropower and other traditional power generation fields, as well as wind power, photovoltaic power generation, nuclear power and other new energy power generation fields.

Resin-insulated dry power transformers have SCB10, SCB11, SCB13, SCB14, SCB18 series. The low-voltage winding adopts the whole section of copper foil, together with the F-grade turn insulation, which is wound on a special low-voltage foil winding machine. The foil coil solves the outstanding problems of low voltage, large current coil winding product short circuit stress, ampere-turns imbalance, poor heat dissipation effect, spiral winding Angle, unstable manual welding quality and so on. At the same time our company winding end with resin potting, curing forming, moisture-proof and anti-fouling. The lead copper bar is automatically welded by basin arc welding.

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