Single Phase Pad Mount Transformers

25 kVA Single-Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer



Pad mount transformers are ground-mounted distribution transformers enclosed in a metal cabinet, usually located on a concrete pad. This type of transformer, enclosed in a grounded metal box with all live contact points, can be installed in residential areas without fencing, unlike transformers in substations.
MPS’ pad mount transformers are protected against tampering and the weather, so they can be safely placed where people are present. All enclosures are made from heavy gauge sheet steel and powder painted with a baked-on coating to make them tamper-resistant. Our pad mount transformers come in live-front and dead-front designs along with radial or loop feed.
Our transformers are made of premium materials and typically support residential, commercial, and industrial loads in cities and rural areas. They are filled with sustainable and biodegradable dielectric fluid, which offers excellent fire protection and a longer lifespan.

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