Distribution Transformer

Containerized energy storage system (customizable)

Product features

high system integration, integrating data monitoring, video monitoring, power distribution, fire protectionand lighting; 3-level BMS architecture, multi-level system protection strategies and measures, safe andreliable; adaptable to various types of loads (resistive , inductive, motor load, mixed load); overall containerdesign, external wiring design, easy installation and maintenance: adapt to complex environments such asstrong salt spray and high altitude: remote monitoring function, convenient operation and maintenancemanagement.

Application scenarios
Microgrid supportpowersupplypeak andfrequency regulation, backup power supply, new energy power generation fluctuation stabilization,traditional power generation efficiency improvement Customizable design to meet different customer needs: high system integration, integrated battery system. PCSenergy nagementsystemtemperature control system, integrated battery system, PCS, energy manaaementsvstem.temperaturecontrosvstem.fre protection svstem. access control svstem data systemFireprotectionsystemaccesscontrosystem data monitoring system. Ac and DC powe distribution,lightingsystem,etc;three-levelBMS system architecture, safe and reliable; with pre-charging.constantcurrentchargingegualizing charging, floating charging mode; with perfeccommunication,monitoring,managementcontrol, early warning and protection functions, continuous and safe operation for alongtime, can detect the operating status of the system through the host computer have perfectdata analysis capabilities, and have emergency power supply functions.

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