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Prefabricated modular substations usually adopt the mode of "whole station" equipment prefabrication, that is, high-voltage switch distribution device, transformer, medium voltage switch distribution device, compensation device, integrated automation system, AC/DC power supply system, environmental control system and cabin are designed in an integrated way. All station equipment are prefabricated and installed in the factory. After the commissioning is qualified, they can be transported by module to the site for docking, installation and commissioning before being put into operation.
Jiangsu Yawei Transformer has the technical ability to provide "whole station" construction solutions, including substation design, equipment procurement, corresponding facility construction and equipment installation, system joint commissioning, substation operation, and then the overall transfer of the entire substation to users, so as to achieve the "turn key" project of substation function modularization, station construction standardization, and system intelligence.

Prefabricated modular substations give full play to their remarkable advantages in improving construction efficiency, saving building land, saving operation and maintenance costs, reducing energy consumption, and reducing pollution, and are widely used in the fields of power, petroleum, chemical, shipping, communications, civil buildings, and railway construction. At the same time, with the maturity and development of power equipment technology in the station, substation equipment will become more and more miniaturized and highly reliable, which will further improve the reliability and applicability of prefabricated modular substations, and will also have broad application prospects in the new infrastructure field.

Advantages of prefabricated cabin substation

1、 Save land resources. As the installation mode of integrated design is adopted for the cabin and building construction, the overall floor area of the prefabricated cabin is relatively compact, which greatly saves the occupied land area. Compared with the traditional substation, its space occupation rate is significantly reduced.
2、 The layout of prefabricated cabin type substation is more flexible. According to the difference of construction areas, three-dimensional construction of the substation is carried out, and each plate is reasonably allocated and arranged to  meet the construction requirements of prefabricated cabin type substation.
3、 The emergence of prefabricated cabin technology has optimized the traditional process flow, improved the way of installation and testing of facilities, reduced the amount of work, thus reducing the construction period, and further ensuring the delivery of the project within the specified time.

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