Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer on-load automatic tuning capacitor

This product is fit for on-load automatic capacity distribution transformer voltage regulator rated frequency 50Hz,voltage class 1okv, three-phase rated capacity 100(30)kVA~630(200)kVA.
S11(13)-M.ZT distribution transformer on-load automatic tuning capacitor is the distribution transformer with large and small rated capacity automatic tuning controller automatically detect judgment according to the user load size and trough a special load capacity regulating switch to auto switch two kinds of transformer capacity under the transformer is not the state of the power outage to realize automatically adjust size in the process of running transformer capacity.
S11(13)-M.ZT distribution transformer on-load automatic tuning capacitor is suitable for the occasion with electricity strong seasonality, big load fluctuation, power of concentration and low annual average load rate.In China's rural, electricity mainly concentrated in summer and autumn and the rest of the season is primarily a lighting electricity.However,in the busy farming season transformer overload running phenomenon is serious, in the off-season, electricity load rate is low.So the on-load adjustable capacity distribution transformer is especially suitable for in the rural electric reform and also suitable for day and night electricity load differences of residential quarters and often day enterprises and institutions.
When the distribution transformer on-load automatic tuning capacitor is at the large capacity,three-phase high voltage windings into delta connection with low voltage winding parallel structure ;When at the small capacity,Three-phase high voltage windings in y connection with low voltage winding tandem structure.
Transformation of angle joint and star joint of high voltage windings and transformation of series connection and parallel connection of low voltage windings are finished by on-load capacity switch which is decided by automatic controller according to the size of load of detection.
When the large capacity transforms into the small capacity of transformer,the core magnetic flux density slash,loss of silicon steel sheet smaller and no-load loss and no-load current also fell sharply which lead to greatly reduces the transformer no-load reactive power loss and wattful loss in the result of reaching reducing consumption.

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