Distribution Transformer

10kV-35kV Low-loss And Non-exciting Regutation Power Transformer

Product Introduction
This product implements national stangards GB1094 -1996 the power transformer “and GB/T6451-2008 the three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements”. S11 series transformer is the latest series of low loss copper windings products,the products using high-quality materials, in coil implement body and insulation,using new craft, new material, thus made racing.load loss reduced significantly, and performance and structure more reliable and superior

Product Features
Good economic performance
S11~S13 series product in the S9 series based on average reduced 30% no-load loss than idle current S9 70%-85% will.
Long service life
Transformer tank adopts full seal structure, the tank along with box available bolt connection or welding die, transformer oil not contact with air and prolong the life.
Running high reliability
Tank sealing parts were concerned, increased reliability improvements to ensure and improve technology levelof reliability of sealing.
Field area is small
S11-M, S13-M series transformer tank adopts wave plate radialor, when the oil temperature change corrugated plate heat bilges cold shrink can replace storage cabinet role, corrugated plate appearance tank, cover an area of an area small.

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