Dry type Transformer

Load Voltage Dry-type Power Transformer

Solar PV for dry-type transformers can be divided into 10kV and 35kV grade product.
Moderate voltage 10kV products, easier to handle, therefore I am companies in the production of insulation structure in accordance with the traditional double-winding two-Division structure design, low voltage winding axial split the two groups, two sets of high-tension coil axially arranged, pouring two coils when pouring into a coil, two sets of coils on the electrical shunt unified lead-out.
35kV level products due to voltage high, to guarantee coil has good of electrical performance, as local put power, lightning impact performance,, I company in do design Shi on low voltage coil for has special structure processing (currently company has on related structure application patent), according to I company low voltage coil structure processing Hou, high-tension line circle can made a coil, reduced has high-tension line circle turns number, so high-tension line circle paragraph number and layer number are with of reduced, coil internal farm distribution more uniform.

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