Distribution Transformer

SCB Solid Winding Iron Core Transformer

Product use
The product has the following features: good insulation properties, high mechanical strength, moisture resistant,pollution-free, easy to install, and almost no need for maintenance. Can be applied for high rise buildings, wind power generation, solar energy, hospital, hotel, tunnel, station, wharf, airport, subway, petroleum, chemical industry, laboratory, combined power plant, shopping mall and other important places etc.

Product usege conditions

Not more than 1000m;
(2).Cooling air temperature
Max. Temp.: 40°C
Max. monthly mean temp.: 30°C
Max. annual mean temp.: 20°C
lowest temp.:-25°C(suitable for outdoor transformer)
lowest temp.:-5°C(suitable for indoor transformer)
Ambient air relative humidity should be less than 93%, no water drop on the coil surface. If usage condition exceeds above
requirements, should adjust running parameters (e.g. output current etc.) properly and adopt proper protecting measures to ensure the
product service life and safety reliability.

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