Power Transformer

110kV~220kV Oil-immersed Power Transformer

1.High pressure transformer, use Japanese Toshiba analysis software and our company special calculation andvalidation procedures to the transformer core, winding. implement body, lead, fuel tanks, etc, Parts of the optimal design and carry on the omni - directional validation, ensure product performance. Superior process equipment.
elaborate material selecting and efficient manufacturing.making the transformer has small volume, light weight,low loss, low partial discharge, low noise characteristics, the product quality is superior, energy conservation and environmental protection, easy installation and maintenance, reliable operation and effectively reduced products running costs.
2.the company product SSZ11 - 40,000/110 through national transformer quality supervision and inspection center short-circuit withstand ability and all type test routine.
3. this product is stable, reliadle, economic, environmental protection, applicable to the characteristics of
generator, transformer substation, large mining petrochemical enterprise etc.



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