Distribution Transformer

35KV Class Three Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

Production Description

35kV class three phase oil immersed distribution transformers comply with the standard of ANSI C57.12.00, IEC60076, GB1097 (Power transformer) and GB/T6451 (Technical parameter and requirements for three phase oil-immersed power transformer), both no-load loss and on-load loss are much lower, good quality C.R.G.O.core type, high-quality oxygen-free copper coil, good appearance, safe operation, widely used over the country.

The performances of model S9-M, S10-M, S11-M 10kv-35KV series full-sealed oil-immersed distribution transformes conform to Standards IEC IEEE. Its core is made of quality cold-rolled silicon sheet and is of a full-miter non-puncture structure and its coil is made of quality oxygen-free copper.

It adopts radiator oil tank of corrugated shteet type or expansion type. As it doesn’t need oil conservator, the height of transformer is reduced, and as the transformer oil doesn’t contract with air, the oil ageing is retarded, thus prolonging the service life of transformer. The no-load loss of Model S10-M is 20% lower than that of Model S9-M, and S11-M is 30% lower thanS9-M.

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