What are the uses of dry transformers in cities?

Dry type transformer is a kind of dry type transformer with high electrical strength, heat resistance and mechanical strength. They are the products that cities use to retrofit their power grids. They are especially suitable for high-rise buildings, power stations, airports and commercial centers, where there are higher requirements for explosion, fire and moisture resistance. Dry transformer can also be used for terminal power supply and ring power supply, etc. The whole conversion work is very convenient, not only to ensure the reliable performance of the power supply, but also to ensure the flexibility of use. The centralized design of the transformer shell has the advantages of low noise, high reliability, small volume, low loss, good insulation, light weight, good sealing, beautiful appearance and compact structure.

The main dry-type transformer does not require a distribution room. You can place the dry-type transformer directly indoors or outdoors, or install it in the green belt of the street. This can not only effectively ensure personal safety, not only can ensure the power supply facilities, but also can properly decorate the environment. The impedance of a dry-type transformer depends mainly on the physical structure of the transformer. Transformer, the main factors that affect the impedance of the transformer are the material type and amount of the iron core and the composition of the winding wire.


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