What do you need to pay attention to when installing high and low voltage switchgear?

1, (1) the cabinet should not be impacted, so as to avoid skeleton deformation, or the thin panel of the high and low voltage switchgear concave, the surface coating is damaged, affecting the appearance.

(2) Side-by-side cabinet installation base channel steel requirements level high and low voltage switchgear (allowable error ≯1mm per meter)

(3) The height of the base of the handcart cabinet should consider the convenience of the handcart in and out, and the steps should not be formed on the floor of the high and low voltage switchgear.

(4) During transportation and installation, the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber should be effectively protected, especially when the main busbar on the top of the cabinet is installed, the top of the vacuum switch should be covered with a hard plate to prevent tools and screws from falling and damaging the arc extinguishing chamber.

2, need to note:

1) The environment with high voltage switchgear (whether it has such requirements as plateau, high altitude, humidity, etc.)

2) The size of the high voltage switch cabinet (cabinet size, to prevent failure to install)

3) Specific primary technical requirements for high voltage switchgear (such as circuit breaker specifications, CT specifications, main busbar specifications, etc.)

3) Specific secondary technical requirements of high voltage switchgear (such as protection functions, wiring requirements, secondary equipment requirements, etc.)


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