How to run dry-type transformer correctly and stably?

In order to make the dry-type transformer safe and stable operation, the dry transformer is also added a lot of protection measures and protection methods, dry transformer protection there are many kinds of dry transformer protection, for the dry transformer protection we introduce to you today. So what is the relay protection of dry transformer? We and the small edition of the dry transformer manufacturer to understand it in detail:


The dry-type transformer needs to be checked after the protection action and the disposal relay maintenance action. If it is determined to be a quick-break protection action, the sound emitted by the dry-type transformer can be temporarily emitted. If it is the gas maintenance of the dry transformer, it is necessary to check whether the gas maintenance is started. If it is not started, the fault point is outside the dry transformer. The focus is on checking the line that the dry transformer and the high voltage circuit breaker supply power to the dry transformer to see whether the cable and the bus are interphase short circuit faults. The relay maintenance device should choose the relay and protection components with good quality, and the contacts of the components should be as few as possible; The quality of the device should be qualified, the maintenance plate and the control plate should be firm and reliable, prevent installation in places with vibration, the quality of the terminal should be qualified, and the wiring should be good. After the dry-type transformer's relay maintenance action circuit breaker trips, do not immediately return the dropped signal, but should check the maintenance action, and find out the cause, eliminate the fault and restore the power supply before all the dropped signal can be returned.

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