Low voltage switchgear series

GZDW DC power supply cabinet

The GZDw DC power supply cabinet is applied to large, medium, and small power plants and substations as a Dc power supply for high-voltage switchopening and closinq, relay protection, automatic control, accident lighting,lighting, and audio sianals under normal operaion and acident condiltions. *an also be used as a DC power supply for industries such as metllurgy,ralway, mining, petrochemica, postal and telecommunications, communicationmedical and health, banks, hotels, high-rise buildings, and computer networks, The microcomputer controlled Dc power cabinet can be used forunmanned and remote centralized monitoring of DC power supply in power plants, substations, and other industries.
This product complies with the JB/T5777 4-2000 "General Technical Conditions and Safety Requirements for Dc Power Supply Equipment in Powel Systems" standard.


◇ Altitude: not exceeding 2000m;

◇ Environmental temperature: -5 ℃ ~+40 ℃C;

◇ Relative humidity: not more than 90% (at 20 ± 5 *℃ );
Note: When ordering this product beyond the above conditions, please consuit with our company.


◇Input power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V+10%, 50Hz 5%;

◇ Rated output DC voltage: 24V; 48v; 110v; 220v,

◇ Rated output DC curent: 5A, 8A,10A,15A,20A,30A,40A,50A,80A,100A, 150A, 200A,250A;
◇ Rated capacity of battery: 10Ah, 20Ah, 38Ah,40Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 65Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah;
◇ Machine noise:<55dB:

◇ Voltage requlation range (see Table 1):

◇ Output DC current regulation range: 0-100% of rated value,

◇ Temperature rise of main transformer. 70­°C ;

◇ Stable accuracy<± 1%;

◇ Stable current accuracy<± 1%;

◇ Ripple coefficient:<1%;

◇ Work mode: continuous work;

◇ Efficiency>90%;

◆ Protection level: IP20~IP30;


◇ Complete specifications: This series of products has a total f ten models and hundreds of specifications, which can fully meet the needs of large.medium, and small power plants, substations, and various industries for DC power supply;
◇ Reliable operation.AC dual circuit automatic switching is included, and this product is eauipped with two charaina foating charcing devices as backurfor each other, making system switching convenient.

◇ Stable operation: This product has good anti-interference performance, high accuracy, and small ripple coeficient;
◇ Long battery service life. This product can strictly charge and foat the battery according to the battery charging curve, avoiding overcharging olundercharging phenomena. The microcomputer controlled type has battery inspection function;0 Multiple protection: This product can track and detect various working points, combining software and hardware protection. The insulation detectiordevice can check the insulation status of the busbar at any time;( Sports communication. The microcomputer controled DC power cabinet can communicate with the upper computer, achieving centralized monitoringand unmanned duty.



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