Low voltage switchgear series




After the product arrives at the receiving location, the first step is to check whether the packaging is intact and undamaged. If any problems are found,relevant departments should be notifed in a timely manner to find the cause, For products that ale not instaled immediatel they should be placed in anappropriate location according to the usage conditions

Product installation

The installation of the product should folow the instalation diaaram, and the foundation channel steel and bolts should be provided by the user. Wheninstaling the entire row of tinned main busbar, the overlapping surface should be repaired fat, cleaned, coated with neutral Vaseline or other measurestaken, and then firmly fixed with bolts.The following items need to be inspected and tested before the product is put into operation after installation
1. Check if the cabinet surface paint has fallen off and if the cabinet is dry and clean.
2. Check whether the operating mechanism of electrical components is flexible and there should be no jamming or excessive operating force
3. Whether the main and auxiliary contacts of the main electrical appliances are reliable and accurate in making and breaking.
4. ls the ratio and polarity of the instrument indication to the transformer correct

5. Whether the busbar connection is good, and whether the insulation support components, instaaion components, and accessories are securely and reliably installed.

6. Whether the auxliany contacts meet the requirements, whether the specilications of the fuse core are correct, whether the setting value of the relameets the design requirements, and whether the action is reliable and accurate.

7. Does the contact point of the circuit meet the requirements of the electrical schematic.

8.Whether the protection circuit system meets the requirements.

9. The insulation resistance value measured with a 500 volt megohmmeter should not be less than 1M Q.




Our company provides the following documents and attachments when supplying:

◇ Packing list;

◇ Product qualification certificate;

◆ User manual:

◇ Factory test report,

◇ Relevant electrical drawings,

◇ Cabinet door keys, operating handles, and spare parts specified in the contract.


This product is not instaled against a wal, with a sinale side front) and double-sided door for maintenance of low-voltage distribution cabinets. Themaintenance channel and cabinet door of the product must be accessed or opened by qualified professionals who have passed the assessment foroperation,inspection, and maintenance.

After multiple times of closing and opening, the air circuit breaker can cause local burns and carbonization ofthe main contact, increasing the contactresistance. Regular maintenance and repair should be carried out on the air circuit breaker according to its user manual.

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