High voltage switchgear series



The GTXGN-12 AC metal solid insulated ring network switchgear is a fuly insulated, fiuly sealed, and maintenance free solid insulated vacuum switchgearAll high-voltage live parts are molded using epoxy resin material with excellent insulation performance, which organicaly combines the vacuum arcextinguishing chamber, main electrical circuit, insulation suppor, etc.into a whole, and the functional units are connected through fiuly insulated solidbusbar. Therefore,the entire switchgear is not affected by the exteral environment,which can ensure the reiabiity of equipment operation and the safetof operators.

This ring network cabinet has the characteristics of simple structure, fiexible operation, reiable interlocking, and convenient instaation. it is suitable for50Hz, 12 kV power systems, and is widely used in industrial and civl cable ring networks and distribution network terminal projects. t is used for energyreception and distribution, especially suitable for urban residential distribution, smal substations, switching stations, cable branch boxes, box substationsindustrial and mining enterprises, shopping mals, airports, subways, wind power generation, etc Used in hospitals, sports venues, ralways, tunnels, andother places

Due to its advantages of ful insulation, seaing, and shielding, this product is particularly suitable for use in areas with harsh environments such as highaltitude, hiah temperature, humid heat, severe cold, and severe pollution.

According to the lype of switch, it can be diided into load switch with grounding assembly (eerred to as C module), load switch without qroundingassembly (refered to as CB module, ircuit breaker with grounding assembly (referred to as V module), ircuit breaker without grounding assembly (referredto as VB module), circuit breaker contact switch (refered to as V2 module), load switch+fuse combination electrical switch assembly (referred to as fmodule),and isolation switch assembly (referred to as G module)



◇Environmental temperature: -45 ℃ ~+45 °C

◇ Relative humidity: maximum average relative humidity, daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;

◇ Altitude: ≤4000 meters;

◆ Shock resistance: 8 degrees;

◇ Protection level: charged body sealing lP67, fuse cartridge lP67, switch cabinet shell lP4X;
Note: When ordering this product beyond the above conditions, please consult with our company.

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Technical parameters of switchgear

Technical parameters of isolation grounding switch

Visible fracture of isolation knife:

There is a clear isolation fracture visible window in front of the cabinet, which can view the isolation position, isolation opening position, and groundingposition, making it convenient for on-site staff to inspect and determine the position of the isolation knife, which is very safe.Internal combustion arc design:

Internal arcing pressure valve: When arcing occurs inside the product, pressure wil be released from the pressure relief valve and the arding will bedischarged into the cable trench to avoid accidental operation.

Green and environmentally friendly.

Designed with environmentally friendly materials, SF6 gas is not used as the arc extinguishing medium and insulation, and there is no polution to theenvironment. The primary circuit adopts the minimum contact design to ensure low energy consumption during operation.



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