High voltage switchgear series


XGN66-12 (Z) fixed enclosed switchgear (hereinater referred to as switchgear) is a complete set of high-voltage electrical products produced by ourrompany, which meets the requirements of national standard GB3906 "3-35kV AC Metal Endlosed Switchgear,D404"Technical Conditions for Orderingndoor AC High Voltage Switchgear of the Ministry of Electric Power, and also meets the international standard lEC60298 "Reouirements for AC Metaindosed Switchgear and Control Equipment above 1kV and below 52kV"
This product has absorbed exceent foreign technology and is smal, only 50% of the volume of ordinary switchgear, Circuit breakers have high reliabitind good performance, The "five prevention" interlocking mechanism has the advantages of reliabiity and simplicity. The switchgear is a set of 3.6 , 7.2 and 12kv three-phase AC 50Hz single busbar seqmented indoor devices used for receiving and distributing electrical energy. And it has functions such asrontroling, protecing, and monitoring circuits, which can be used in various types of power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, highise buildinas,and other places.It can alsorInOnetwork cabinets for application in switchina stations.


The cabinet body is welded with high-guality angle steel.

The circuit breaker room is located in the middle (lower) part ofthe cabinet, making instaation, debugging, and maintenance convenient, The standardinstallation is a ZN63A (VS1-12) circuit breaker, with a pressure relief channel to ensure personal safety.
Adopting advanced and reliable rotary isolation switches,it can safely enter the circuit breaker room for maintenance when the main busbar is live.
The protection level of the entire cabinet is lP2X.

Equipped with a reliable mandatory mechanical locking device,it is simple and effective to meet the "five prevention" requirements.

Have a reliable grounding system.

There is an observation window instaled on the door, which can clearly observe the working status of the components inside the cabinet.

The operating mechanism adopts the 」SXGN locking mechanism used in the XGN2-12 cabinet, which is simple, reliable, convenient, and practical.

The incoming and outgoing cables are lower than the front of the cabinet bottom, making it convenient for users to connect.


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