High voltage switchgear series


KYN61-40.5 Armored Removable Ac Metal Endlosed Switchgear (hereinater referred to as the switchgear) is a complete indoor distribution device witha three-phase alterating curent of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 40.5kv. As a power plant, substation, and industrial and mining enterprise receiving anddistributing electricithy, it has functions such as control, protection, and monitoring of circuits, and can also be used in frequently operated places. Thisswitchgear complies with standards such as GB3906-2006,GB/T11022-1999,and DL/T 404-2007.


The cabinet structure adopts an assembled type, and the circuit breaker adopts a handcart floor structure,Equipped with a brand new composite insulated vacuum circuit breaker, with the characteristics of good interchangeabilily and easy replacement,The handcart frame is equipped with a screw nut pushing mechanism, which can easily move the handcart and prevent accidental operation fromdamaging the pushing structure;

All operations can be carried out with the cabinet door closed;the interlocking between the main switch, handcart., and switch cabinet door adopts a mandatory mechanical locking method. meeting the "fiveprevention' function:

The cable room has ample space and can connect multiple cables;
Quick grounding switch is used for grounding and closing short circuit circuits;The shell protection level is lP3X, and when the handcart door is open, the protection level is lP2X:The product complies with GB3906-2006, DL/T 404-2007, and adopts international lEC298 standards as reference.


Environmental temperature: upper limit+40'℃c, and the average value measured within 24 hours does not exceed 35 '℃ ,lower imit -10 ℃ ;

Altitude: not exceeding 1000m;

Relative humidity: The daily average value shall not exceed 95%, and the monthly average value shall not exceed 90%

Shock resistance: not exceeding 8 degrees;

Water vapor pressure: The dally average value does not exceed 2.2kPa, and the monthly average value does not exceed 1.8kPa
Places without fire, explosion hazards, severe pollution, chemical corrosion, and severe vibration;
Note. When orderina this product bevond the above conditions, please consult with our company.

Main technical parameters of spring operating machineryimage
Main technical parameters of vacuum switchgear



Height of electrical room: = 4500mm;|
Distance from the back of the cabinet to the wall: ≥ 1500mm;
The flatness of the basic structure: s 1mm/m2.

The height of the embedded channel steel in the foundation above the ground shall not exceed 3mm;
It can be fixed on the foundation by bolts or welding;
The weight of the switchgear is approximately 1800kg;
Switch cabinet operation corridor width (sinale row): = 3000mm, double row (face to face) 2 4000mm.


When ordering, it is necessary to indicate:
1. Main circuit scheme number, purpose, sinale ine system diagram, arrangement diagram, and distribution room layout plan
2.Schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit wiring and terminal arrangement diagram;

3.The model, specification, and quantity of electrical components inside the switchgear,
4. Reauirements for control, measurement, and protection functions of switchgear, as well as requirements for other locking and automatic devices;
5.lf a busbar bridge connecion is reauired between switchaear or incoming cabinets, specific requirements such as the rated current carnying  capacily of the busbar bridge, the span of the busbar bridge, and the height from the ground should be provided.
6. When accessories and spare parts are needed, the type and auantity should be proposed:
7. The switchaear is used in special environmental conditions and should be specified in detail when ordering

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