New energy distribution equipment series


The BWX-AC photovoltaic grid connected combiner box is an important component suitable for photovoltaic series power generation systems, whichis used to undertake series inverters,AC distribution cabinets, or stepup transformers. The incoming line of this combiner box uses a circuit breakelinput, and the output uses a circuit breaker or load isolation switch. After the busbar is merged, secondary lightning protection is used. The maximumrated voltage of the system is Ac690v, and the protection level is iP65, which meets the requirements of outdoor installation, Meet the requirements ofwaterproofing, dust prevention, UV protection, sat spray corosion resistance, etc. This product greatly simplifes the wiring between the series iverteland the Ac distibuion cabinet or step-up transfomer The internal stucture of this prduct is simple and cear. and the wiring is neat and reasonableHigh reliabity and easy maintenance. Outdoor wall mounted instalation, able to adapt to vanous harsh environments.ln addition to standard materialsand sizes,it can be customizecaccordlncto userreouiements

the AC combiner box is a wall mounted sealed cabinet with a protection level of iP65 and can meet the outdoor installation requlrements;Meet the requirement of simultaneously connecting multiple series inverters, with each incoming line protected by a thermal magnetic circuit breakerwith a rated voltage of AC690V;

Adopting a dedicated high-voltage anti roll device can meet the overvoltage and anti rollprotection between three phases, with a working voltage of AC480V or above;

All busbars in the box are connected using electroplated or purified busbars to reduce the internal resistance and connection points of the busbarsThe output adopts a circuit breaker, load isolation switch, or fuse output.



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