New energy distribution equipment series



The BWX-PV photovoltaic DC combiner box combines the DC input and output of up to 24 photovoltaic cll module strings into one or multiple outputseach with a fuse, and the output is equipped with lightning arester and circuit breaker, greatly simplifying the input wiring of the Dc distribution cabinetand inverter. Provide lightning protection, short circuit protection, and grounding protection. The combiner box is divided into two types: inteligent andnon inteligent. The inteligent lightning protection combiner box is equipped with a curent monitoring unit inside, which can monitor the input current ofeach photovoltaic batery string, summarize the output voltage, the temperature inside the box,the status of the lightning arrester, and the status of the

circuit breaker.The internal layout of the device is simple and clear, and the wiring is neat and reasonable. High reliability and easy maintenance. Outdoor wallmounted instalation, able to adapt to vanious harsh environments.In addition to related core components, others can be customized according to uselrequirements.


The protection level of the combiner box reaches IP65, and it is waterprof,ash proo,rust proof, and sat spray proo, meeting the requirements for

outdoor installation:

Can simultaneously connect up to 24 battery strings;

The positive and negative poles of each battery string are equipped with photovoltaic dedicated fuses to protect the module string from falure. Thefuse base and fuse are used together to reduce the owner's maintenance costs and efectively protect the personal safety of maintenance personnelThe use of photovoltaic dedicated high-voltage lightning arrester can protect the positive pole to ground and negative pole to ground of the busbarafter convergence, and the continuous working voltage (Uc) can reach 1000VDC;The power module inside the combiner box can be connected to a photovoltaic voltage of up to 1000DCV:The measurement and control module of the combiner box adopts reliable Honeywell Halelements (Dc CT sensors) to collect and monitor the curentand bus voltage of each photovoltaic string, alarm and locate local faut. It can also measure the temperature inside the combiner box, detect thestatus of lightning protection devices and output circuit breakers, etc,The monitoring module in the combiner box has a digital display function, which can display the curent,bus voltage, temperature inside the combinerbox, status of the circuit breaker lightning arester, system power, and equipment address of each component string on the equipment,Equipped with RS485/MODBUS-RTU serial communication:

Lightning protection is provided for external interfaces:

Can receive parameter downloads from local monitoring devices for analysis and processing;

The working power supply of the combiner box can be selected from external 220VAC/DC or from the power supply provided by the combiner boxitself. if the power supply is provided by the combiner box itself, there is no need for specific power supply and separate wiring on site,


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