New energy distribution equipment series


The BWX photovoltaic qrid connected box is an important power protection part suitable for photovoltaic series power generation systems, undertakingseries inverters and power grid systems. The circuit protection part adopts photovoltaic grid connected circuit breakers and pul ring isolation switchesand adopts secondary lightning protection, The protection level is iP65, which mets the requirements of outdoor instalation and meets the reauirementsof waterproof, dustproof UV protection, salt spray corrosion prevention, etc. The internal structure of this product is simple and clear, and the wiring isneat and reasonable, Hioh reliabilily and easy maintenance, 0utdoor wal mounted instalaion, able to adant to yanous harsh environments. in addition tostandard materials and sizes, it can be customized accordina to user reauirements.

◇High reliability

1.Select photovoltaic dedicated grid connected circuit breakers;
2. Choose a photovoltaic dedicated pull ring isolation switch for safer operation.

◇ Strong adaptability

1. lP65 protection level, waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistant,

2. Strict high and low temperature testing, suitable for a wide range of regions;
3. Simple installation, simplified system wiring, and convenient wiring,
4. The box is made of metal materials such as cold-rolled steel plates.


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