New energy distribution equipment series



HYB New Energy Prefabricated Substation (European style box transformer, abbreviated as European transformer, in which the transformer adopts anoil immersed structure with radiators exposed outdoors, also known as Huabian) is a hich/low voltage prefabricated substation that intearates stepup transformers, high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, and corresponding auxiiary equipment. The voltage level is 35k and below, with a capacity range of 100-6300kVA, mainly suitable for the new energy industry.


If the user places an order, they need to provide the following information;

Altitude: s 2000m, please indicate it first when ordering;◇Environmental temperature: -25 ℃~+40 'C;

Relative humidity: The daily average value shall not exceed 95%,and the monthly average value shall not exceed 90%;

Seismic resistance level: horizontal acceleration 0.4ms”, vertical acceleration0.15m/s?
The installation site is free from severe impact, serious pollution, chemicalcorrosion, and the risk of conductive dust explosion in Egypt.
IWhen normalusage conditions cannot be met, please consult with our company toresolve the issue.


Inteligentization: An inteligent monitoring unit is installed internally, which has functions such as monitoring, protection, remote control, and videomonitoring, meeting the requirements of users for remote control and real-time data monitoring of the box transformer.
Environmentally friendly: Vegetable oil(FR3) can be used inside the transformer, with a ignition point above 360'C and a natural degradation rate ofover 90%, which is stronger than mineral oil transformers in terms of overload capacity.
Strong environmental adaptabiity: IP54 shell protection, multiple anti-corrosion desian, dehumidification scheme combined with heatina dehumidilfieand axial flow fan, can adapt to various harsh natural environments such as humidity and heavy salt mist.
Excellent electrical performance: The short-term withstand parameters of the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker can reach 31.5kA4s, which betemeets the increasina demand of customers for the capacity of a sinale box transformer.
Innovative structural design, A drainage device can be instaled on the top of the box of the Huashi box transtormer which can orevent the blades from falling due to ice and damaging the box and transformer radiator.



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