New energy distribution equipment series



YBW New Energy Integrated Photovoltaic Prefabricated Box Substation, European style Integrated Machine.

The European integrated machine includes an oil immersed transformer, a high-voltage chamber, a communication power cabinet, an inverter chamber, and a high-voltage chamber. The inverter room is placed on both sides of the transformer, and the communication power cabinet is placed next to the high-voltage room. The overall structure is a herringbone shape, using a container as the fireproof and thermal insulation shell of the inverter room. The inverters in the inverter room are arranged in a mirror image, and there is a downward entry wellhead between the inverter aisles. The side outlet of the inverter is connected to the low-voltage bushing on one side of the transformer through copper bars and soft connections. The left and right sides of the transformer are equipped with heat dissipation fins and transformer instrument boxes. Using an oil immersed load switch with plug-in fuse core, the high-voltage fuse box, high-voltage bushing, and lightning arrester of the transformer are located in the high-voltage room. The high-voltage bushing and cable are isolated from the fuse through a partition. The communication power cabinet remote monitoring room is equipped with remote monitoring terminal equipment, auxiliary transformers, UPS, monitoring terminals, and other equipment. The secondary wires inside the power cabinet are connected to the inverter room through conduit laying between the high and low voltage rooms, and the transformer is cooled by natural air cooling (ONAN).


Altitude: s 3000 meters;

Surrounding environment temperature: -45 ℃ ~+45℃ :

Environmental humidity: The daily average relative humidity shalnot exced 60%, and the monthly average relative humidity shall not exceed 90%;
Places without fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion, and severe vibration.




Highly integrated: pioneered a one-stop solution for DC input,inverte, and boost output; Unified installation and debugging in the factory, overalifting on site, one-stop completion of transportation, installation, and maintenance.
Strong adaptability. Fully consider requirements such as ventilation and heat disipation, wind and sand resistance, rain and snow resistance, corosionresistance,and low temperature resistance.

Stable performance: high integration, few fault points, improving performance stability, Stable operation with an overload of 20%~50% (vegetable oil type).

High profitalblity. reduce investment in AC cables, concentrate on optimizing electrical equipment such as circuit breakers,lightning protection, power supply, and monitoring; Small footprint and low construction difficulty.
It can replace tne traditional "MW room+photovoltaic box transformer" mode.

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